coming soon: amethyst core samples

Four new amethyst core samples will be in the Sadie shop this week. Two gold, two silver, all one of a kind. I'll be showing off lots of new jewelry here in the coming weeks, so keep checking back for sneak peeks of what's going to be in store in May. I made two new Miriam necklaces today, too, and am excited to be able to offer the pastel pink version in the shop this spring. Let me just say, it is so nice to be sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and making jewelry on a weekend. I can't wait to tackle all of the projects that I've been dreaming of starting soon. What are you working on these days?


  1. I'm smitten with all of these! Gorgeous! I'm also loving the new blog colours and imagery....so soothing to look at -- and springy too!

    Thanks so much for the beautiful postcard! Made my day after long work hours....

    Hope you are having a great weekend! xoxo

  2. EEE! I cannot wait to purchase my own "Sadie Designs"

  3. SARAH! I've been sick and not on the blogging/twitter scene much this week but I've missed you! I'm soooo happy to hear everything went well for your MOST FINAL presentation ever yay! Done and done, huh?! Must feel wonderful:)

    Also, loving so much your new layout and your new jewelry teasers hehe. Can't wait to see these babies in the shop. Enjoy your summer love!

    p.s. Can't to see Carla's 'Day in the Life' post tomorrow!

  4. I cannot WAIT till your shop opens again! :D LOVE!!!

  5. ohh these are so gorgeous!


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