weekend worship: west van plus

savary island pie company breakfast

I am basically a food tourist. When I go to new places, I go armed with a meticulously researched list of restaurants, bakeries, food kiosks, and maybe even vending machines I want to visit. Some of the them I will undoubtedly feel I must visit. Thankfully, Jeff is with me on this. We travel to eat new food, or, at least, that's how it seems most of the time. Of course, when we're in a place like the Netherlands, where the food is sorely lacking most of the time, we find other things to do, but I think we're both happiest when we're eating at an insanely good restaurant in a new city after a day of walking 50 kilometres or so to see all of the sights we can pack into one day.

The thing is, our life in Vancouver is not so different from this. I map neighbourhoods by getting to know eateries. In fact, today we visited two different cities (outside of Vancouver) and hit up two amazing places to eat. My mom has noticed that this is what we do. I can't help it! You know what's in the omelette? Grana padano cheese, sour cream, maple syrup and blueberries! Doesn't that sound amazing? And look at those doughnuts! Also amazing!

So, if you're ever coming to Vancouver and need some restaurant recommendations let me know, I'll definitely be able to hook you up. What are the best restaurants in your town or the best restaurants you've visited elsewhere? You know, just in case I'm planning any travels this spring...

boots on the beach
me and my mom

Another photo of me in sunglasses. That's my mom with me on this insanely windy pier. And the Lion's Gate Bridge and Stanley Park in the background. What a beautiful day!


silk flag

harmony doughnuts

harmony doughnuts mmmmm

lola in the sun

vancouver west end

Click on the photos to find out more. Have a great Saturday night! Now I must go eat some doughnuts!


  1. Ah i LOVE your pictures! I used to go to Vancouver every summer and winter break when I was younger. Seeing your pictures of Stanley Park brings back such great memories!

  2. I'm loving your pics. Especially the beautiful picture of you and your Mom and Lola's intense stare. Fabulous!

  3. Jihee: Thank you! It's so great that you used to come here. Stanley Park is so different now after a giant storm blew down a lot of the trees a few years ago.

    Jacqui: I may have just told Lola that we were going on a car ride and then having dinner. That's dropping a lot of her favourite words into one sentence, making it inevitable to capture a look a little like this one. By the way, I miss you!!!!!

  4. You went to Harmony, yay! Haha. I recognize those donuts :) They are just a few streets below me. Sounds like a great day! It was so gorgeously sunny but man, you're not kidding about the wind! I took the pups to Ambleside to run around and my ears nearly fell off they were so cold and Penny cried because she was chilly!

  5. Stina: Harmony is amazing! I think I like them even more than Honey doughnuts. They are just the most perfect texture! The wind was so cold today, but the sun made me feel like a new person!

  6. Those doughnuts look gorgeous! It's a shame that I'm on a diet aha my favourite place to eat here is called Midwest thay have the best burgers EVER :) x

  7. oh my goodness, you have me with those donuts!!!!

    it's the best feeling to go out to eat with your husband.. that's the plus of living in a bigger city and so close to mexico-- the food is delish! and eating makes me happy ;)

    what a beautiful part of the world you live in! and a great photo of you and your momma :)

  8. That view of the ocean is so pretty.
    I'm the same way when it comes to traveling. I look forward to the food the most, but when I travel with friends they always just want to stick to chain restaurants :\
    I happened to JUST get back from Vegas this weekend and I ate at this place called "Hash House A Go-Go" and it is amazing! It was featured on Man Vs. Food. I got the Sage Fried chicken and biscuits. Oh man...if you find yourself in Vegas this summer definitely go there. There is a location in San Diego too, I believe.
    I hope I can get up to Vancouver soon!

  9. Sooooo. I'm basically drooling on my computer right now. THAT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS. I always take pictures of my food. Food's just so pretty, haha.

    And I'm SO JEALOUS THAT YOU LIVE IN VANCOUVER. So jealous. Vancouver is, BY FAR, my favourite city in Canada. It's sooooo beautiful. GAH.


  10. I'm so hungry right now...and those doughnuts look delicious! And that's a good idea to map out places to eat when you travel. I've never done that...partly because I don't always know someone in the city I go to to give me tips. I guess I should start with google...?

    And I'm glad you liked the Heidegger reference. :)

  11. i do the same sort of thing whenever we travel. i do research on restaurants. even more so on great coffee shop since we're major coffee snobs!

    o, and about the record store day post: i bought my friend's album (heidi spencer) though she just yelled at me because she had one for me since i played and also took the cover shot. oops! and also damien jurado st.bartlett. i already own the digital download, but damien is one of my all time faves. and I LOVE PANDA BEAR. i should go get the new album!

  12. yes - todd and i are going on a just US vacation to vancouver in early fall - so i have to remember to talk to you first to give us some eating and shopping tips!!

  13. I love donuts. period.

    oh wait, and your dog is so sweet.

    and I love that city shot.

    okay, now period. ;)

  14. Great pics! They kinda make me wanna chill and take a vaca...or eat a lot of doughnuts! Yum!


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