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I've been thinking a lot about how quickly these last three years have gone by. How quickly and how slowly, of course. Painfully, torturously slowly, too. But here it is, three years after I started this degree and Jeff and Lola and Sadie and I moved to Vancouver. A lot has changed in those three years. I'm excited to rediscover the city I've sort of been living in all these months. The above photo I took on (maybe) the first day of school at the Cleveland Dam. That day was freezing and rainy and they gave us soggy lunches. Today was another grey day. Holding out for the sun, it better hurry up.

Wow, this post makes me sound like a such a downer, but really I just wanted to share a photo with you that reminds me of a time when everything about Vancouver was exciting and new. It's been a good three years and this picture reminds me of how far we've all come.


  1. I really loved this post. The last part was my favorite. I love looking back and remembering such great feelings.

  2. I think we should all have photographs that evoke feelings such as this!! There are far more exciting and new things coming as well, just you watch (and keep that camera handy of course) :)

  3. I'm so excited to see what your new chapter will unfold my dear friend. So much love. xo

  4. i am still trying to discover all the cool places in my own city! ive lived here my whole life.
    take a vacation in your city:)

  5. that's the thing about photo memory recalls, they really do put some things into perspective. time is so surreal hey - when, where and how does it feel so far, so close in the same moment. weird to the weird!

    hope you are enjoying a relaxed weekend and the sun did come out for us today, thankfully! tomorrow's supposed to be a beaut too. ♥

  6. years fly by, and sometimes its sad you cant catch everything and hold onto it


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