a day in the life of carla from starry eyed charlie

Today's guest post in the Day in the Life series is by Carla from Starry Eyed Charlie. If you haven't already visited her super inspirational blog, be sure to check it out. Now let's get right to her Lola and George photoshoot day...

I wake up every day at 7 A.M. Get the kids ready for school, feed them breakfast and make lunches.
By 8 A.M. they are out the door. I give myself a few moments to meditate, then tweet, facebook, read/comment on blogs and have a cup of coffee.
At 9, I leave for the gym (this might not happen every day...hehe).
10:15 run home and quickly wash the funk off my body.
At 10:30, Brandi and Mimi arrive to start makeup and hair for the first model.

While this is going on, I work a bit online and tidy up my house.
When Brandi is ready for shooting, we drive to the photographer's studio.

During this time, my only job is to hand pieces to the photographer and model. It's a nice time to take a breather.

About ten minutes into the shoot, Jaime (model number 2) arrives ready for hair and makeup.

This happens until all of the models are shot and pictures uploaded for revision.
By 2 p.m., I run home, throw a load of laundry in the washer, pet my dog Jorj and finally eat lunch.
My kids go to different schools so from 3-4 I schelp around town and wait in carpool lines.
Usually we stop by our restaurant, Due Forni, to visit Alex, my husband.
When we get home, the kids get their snack on, and gear up for bike riding. I sit in the sun and contemplate new fonts for the website.

Little man likes to take pictures of me.

And today, I have time to write down what I am grateful for (a practice I wish I were better at doing).

When we go in, there's homework, dinner and bath time.
My kids chronicle my exhausted expression during this grueling hour:)

If go to sleep on time, I watch t.v. online, drink a glass of wine and maybe make a new piece of jewelry for Fall/Winter 2011.

At around 10, I blog for 30-45 minutes.
When Alex arrives, we talk until midnight and go.to.sleep.
And this is a day 



Be sure to check out Carla's blog and amazing shop. Thank you so much for sharing, Carla! Next week's guest post will feature the lovely Lauren from Letters, She Wrote. Be sure to check back!


  1. What a cool job she has! Not to mention, I checked out her blog and shop and her jewelry is amazing!

  2. sounds like a fun day...hope your week is awesome!

    enjoy *~*

  3. ooh, Carla! Beautiful girl, beautiful life. And Lola and George. To die for. xo.

  4. i love carla! she's so amazing and definitely one of my absolute favorite people in life. she's beautiful inside and out, and i know that a day in her life is always exciting!

  5. wow, i feel like she gets more done by 1030am than i do all day haha.. hopefully that is not true.. but seriously! i wish i was more like that!

  6. ahh I love her!! haha & I agree with a lost feather's comment about Carla getting more done by 10:30am than I do all day. a truly inspiring woman:) what an exciting day!


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