sunday morning

This is how Sunday mornings should be...listening to the new Radiohead album, Jeff messing up the kitchen to make me an awesome breakfast (cherry and orange scones) and totally grossing me out by feeding the dog the leftover egg whites. Dreaming of living in that farm house above that's actually just a ten minute walk from my apartment here in Vancouver. Thinking about giant fluorite double terminated crystals and rose quartz and the beach. The Sadie shop will be re-opening tomorrow and Carla will be sharing a day in her life. Check it out. Happy Sunday.


  1. Love Sunday mornings. Honestly I just love ALL of Sunday!!
    Can't wait for Carla's feature. Loving the day in the life features, they make me smile every time.

  2. 1. nice of you to show pictures of those scones (p.s. orange anything is my favorite) while i'm sitting here on an empty stomach.

    2. i love the yard of that house and the winding sidewalk going up to the porch.

    3. can i say how much i love that piece of fluorite? i really do, but i think that might be one of my favorite stones because of the variation in color!

  3. This seems like a perfect day. Savor every minute.

  4. i love radiohead! and i want some cookies!

  5. That sounds like a perfect Sunday! Yummy scones and great house too.

  6. Love that fluorite necklace!
    And yay for scones! That's awesome. Yummm :)
    As for houses, I dream about them allll the time lately. And take photos of them on my phone to show Ben. And am very sad that it is sooo very unaffordable to live here. Sigh.
    Love the front porch on that one though! It's a very cute house.


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