a few new things...

the miriam necklace
cave explorer necklace
pendulum necklace
Hi everyone, just a quick check-in on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon to share a few photos that Jeff and I took today of some new pieces that are in the Sadie shop. My mom brought me a few pieces of jewelry from my 92 year old grandmother's collection of costume jewelry this weekend and one piece had the most amazing vintage brass tassels on it. The tassels have now been incorporated into two new pendulum necklaces in the shop. I also photographed the Miriam necklaces and am adding just one new lonely cave explorer to the shop today. This guy lives in a teardrop-shaped agate geode and is hard at work with shovel in hand. Now back to that book club book!


  1. As always, beautiful pieces! In love with the pendulum necklace!

  2. so pretty! I love the first one, especially.

  3. Oh my god I LOVE your pieces. I swear, once I get a credit card, it will be the death of me! I was going to borrow the book yesterday, I even wrote it down, but the library was already closed by the time we got over there. I'll stop by my local library tomorrow to see if I can get my hands on it :)!

  4. i love the cave explorer one :)

  5. beautiful as always, sarah! oh, and i have to tell you, i saw some really neat beads yesterday at the gem show that kept making me think of your style and your beautiful necklaces!

  6. That cave explorer necklace is my new favourite thing!! The geode is sooo beautiful!


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