a day in the life of beca from tales of a tumbleweed

This week's day in the life post is an awesome one. From San Diego, California, Beca's day looks a lot like I wish mine were: coffee, swap meets, dogs, and the one thing I'm always missing: t-shirt weather! Yup, it seems there are very few weeks of summery weather here in Vancouver...who knew? Beca is one of the founding members of our little online book club (announced last week) and she'll be picking the next book. Now, on to her day!

It's 8:00 in the morning. We slept in today. It feels good to sleep past 6. We both have the day off today, a rarity. We usually get up around 5:30 on work days, so any time we get to stay in bed is cherished. This isn't my typical day, since I work 9+ hours, six days a week as the head pastry chef in a bakery, so it would just be photos of cake, dyed fingers, and stacks of recipe cards. 

On this morning, we slowly pull ourselves out of bed and head to LeStats, a strange little coffee shop down the street. The coffee is good and hot. They also have the best jalapeƱo bagels.

After coffee, Doug and I get into our van, turn up the music and drive west to Kobey's Swap Meet with the windows down. It is our favorite early morning adventure. It's Friday, so the swap meet is mellow and full of treasure.

We class it up for lunch and get the best chicken sandwiches in town - Chic-fil-A, a weekend favorite that just happens to be in the parking lot of the swap meet. Perfect. A woman walks around and asks if we want mints or hand wipes. Like I said, class.

On the way home, we swing by the Florist Supply Warehouse. Doug gets a lacquer spray finish he needs for the sunglasses we've been making, and I see if they have anything I may need for the bakery. I swoon over the isles of brightly colored ribbons and shelves of moss. 

We get home and play with the dogs in the yard with their favorite toy - bubbles! We run around for a while before I get to work packaging up treasures for our etsy shop to ship out. I make a quick trip to my post office, run into at the bakery to check on how their day went, and then find myself at Target. Target is definitely one of my vices. I could spend days in Target, if only they would let me and my brood just move in! I ration my trips there so I don't put us in the poor house, but it's nice to wander around for a while and get everything on my list.

I come home and make a huge batch of spaghetti and meatballs with homemade tomato herb sauce and toast. Comfort food. We spend the rest of our night working on little projects, watching TV, drinking more coffee and snuggling puppies. It's been a good day. They're all good days!   


Thank you, Beca! I like that your day includes Target...we also don't have that in Canada! Be sure to check out Beca's stellar Etsy shop and her blog, Tales of a Tumbleweed, too! Next week's day in the life post will be by me, because I have an exciting day to share! It is also going to be the last post in the series for a while because I need to recruit some new participants for later this summer. Have a great week everyone and thanks again, Beca!


  1. ohh fun post! i'm loving all of the wooden frame glasses in her shop!

  2. Oh my, another Etsy shop to add to my favuorites list! I adore her day, how I wish I could have that much fun and eat all that tasty food! Yum!

  3. loved this post :)
    the photographs are so cute and that burger looks yummy!
    all that glitters.

  4. i think i might have a bigger crush on beca now, as if that was possible!!!

    Chic-fil-A waffle fries and their honey mustard-- HEAVEN!!! sarah, i'm with you! if only i could go to that swap meet. actually if i could spend a day like this it would be absolute bliss!

    i <3 that your pups love bubbles because that one of monster up in the air is such a great photo!

    and your sunglasses/glasses... words can not describe what a fan i am! dear readers, if you need a great gift or want to treat yourself, get a pair! i got my husband some clear wooden ones like the above for his birthday and am smitten.

    LOVED this post!

    sarah, i can't wait for yours and please keep this series going!!! xo

  5. That photo of the pups jumping after bubbles is the BEST THING EVER!!! Thanks for sharing this jealousy-inducing day, Beca & Sarah :)

  6. OH MAN i love these. I just went WHAAAAAAAAAAAT out loud at that row of ribbons. Amazing.

  7. i love everything about this


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