five friday favourites

louis midi satchel bag by Jas Mb via Polyvore
suede scrap necklace by manimal
the ripton clutch by shelter protects you
the stealth pant by bow and arrow apparel
great lakes prisms by the wild unknown via spartan
I have some obsessions right now...the search for new jeans, bags that are perfect for summer bike riding, and anything that might catch the light and draw it into our apartment a little more. These are my five favourite discoveries this week. Suede necklaces by Manimal, beautiful bags by Jas Mb and Shelter Protects You, and high-waisted, custom made jeans by Bow and Arrow Apparel. Finally, I'm pretty sad that these little landscape prisms by The Wild Unknown are sold out. They remind me of tourist-y dioramas that my sister and I used to see (I think?) in Mississippi. I always loved these things, but I'm pretty sure the ones that I liked as a kid had rocks inside with googly eyes glued to them to make them look more like lobsters or something. Putting together one of these posts for the first time in a while reminds me, I have a Pinterest account now and it rules. Have a great weekend everyone, there'll be a Saturday morning playlist for you here tomorrow. What have you been coveting lately?


  1. Those are some interesting bones next to that third picture. I wonder what those are.

  2. terrific assortment of goodies! i especially am keen on the triangular prisms - they are really cool!!! mayhaps they will come back into stock for you soon. sure hope so - happy weekend! it's sunny today, so let's hope that keeps up for the whole time. ♥

  3. i absolutely love these!! especially the bags! xo

  4. I've been actually looking for a really nice bike for summer! I also want a wagon, so when I take my baby to the farmers market, he can just sit in the wagon, and I can put the groceries in there too, and just tote it all around the park. Wishful thinking?

    LOVE that clutch!

  5. oH I love love that ripton clutch and the fact that it has a slot to put a pen/pencil! I've been searching for a perfect solution to carry things while riding my bike too. Deciding between having something actually hang on the bike or myself. And how big? Anyways will def. check that shop out now!

  6. ohh those great lakes prisms are so pretty!!

  7. Rachel: I think those are bird skulls. I'm pretty sure that those are the beaks!

    Gale: I know! Isn't that clutch awesome? I got paniers last year and I love them. I highly recommend biking backpack free.


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