saturday morning chores playlist

Just thought that I would offer you a little playlist for those Saturday morning chores again. If your name is Jill you might recognize this mix. It'll make doing dishes a lot easier. As always, parental advisory is in effect. Enjoy!

Track list:

1. Dance Hall Queen - Robyn
2. Pow Pow - LCD Soundsystem
3. Sun Hands - Local Natives
4. Lovesick Teenagers - Bear in Heaven
5. Shake a Fist - Hot Chip
6. Terminally Chill - Neon Indian
7. Too Many Feelings - Javelin
8. Crown on the Ground - Sleigh Bells
9. The Children - Yeasayer
10. Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem
11. Theives in the Night - Hot Chip
12. Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly


  1. ha ha! R.Kelly just seems to magically fit in amongst these other classic awesome hits! this made me laugh!

  2. Brilliant! I'm about to create my own, as suffice to say, cleaning needs to be top priority for me today. My apartment is a certifiable disaster zone. Gotta get on it!

  3. I definitely need a chores mix! Maybe I'll just borrow yours! :)

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I'm bestowing upon you The One Lovely Blog Award! You can pick it up at OrangeBlossomCrafts.com


  5. OOOPS! I meant Versatile Blogger! You'll see why I made the mistake when you come to my blog!!!

  6. Disastrousjane: I'm so happy that the R. Kelly works for you I was hoping people would enjoy that!


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