fresh air: vancouver island

jamie and I looking for whales, coast mountains in the background

jamie and jeff

One thing that I love is getting out of the city. Visiting other cities is fun, too, and I've shared some photos with you trips to New York, Seattle, and Portland, but I really like spending time outside and in more remote places, too. In fact, every time I go away on an outdoors-y kind of vacation I remember that I probably like that kind of trip more. I like sleeping in, making delicious breakfasts, reading all day, going on hikes, and spending zero money on junk and zero time with technology. It just feels really refreshing, and that's absolutely what I needed right about now.

Luckily, Jeff and I have a very good friend who invited us to come along with him on an island adventure. These photos (and one video) are from our first part of the trip, the ferry from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The last three photos are from the second ferry terminal and I'll share more of island number two tomorrow. It was so great getting away from the city for a few days that I know I'll be trying to do so again really soon. Please excuse all of my sunset photos, it was just so freakin' beautiful. For real, it really felt like a summer night on that ferry...windy though it was.

Do you have any camping trips or hikes planned this summer? Where do you go to get away from it all?


  1. So happy I found you on EBT! Your photos are beautiful. Both of my summer trips this year are laid back and out doors. I'm camping in the white mountains in NH and then beach bumming in rhode island - great point about the "spending zero money on junk" it's just all about the good times!

  2. I want to be where you are! Wait....that sounded creepy. I mean I want to travel to the place you went to. Haha
    I love remote places too. It makes you think it's your own little secret!
    This summer I really want to find the various Native American rock art spots around where I live. I love that kind of stuff!

  3. I love the pacific northwest. I hit Seattle and Victoria this summer and really want to go back.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. Love you pics! Those are some really nice shots of the mountains.

    I go to the beach to get away from it all, and I prefer warm one's.

    I've always wanted to take a ride on a ferry!


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