a few new things: solar quartz

Just a quick post to share some of the new pieces that I've been making lately. These stud earrings and rings are made from slices of solar quartz and amethyst. Some are from my trip to Seattle, some are from my favourite gem shop in the world in Calgary. The pinkish stone that they're photographed with is called aura quartz and has tiny little crystals that give it a soft texture. It's one of my favourite finds from Christmas in Calgary last year. I'll have these with me at BLIM this Sunday and in the Sadie shop, too. The shop will be closed on Sunday only since all of my wares will be with me at the market. It'll re-open by Monday morning with lots of new pieces being listed soon.


  1. ooh, so in love with those pretty gems. I recently unpacked my rock collection and am going crazy finding little nooks for them all around the house. My geodes just kind of float with me from room to room.

  2. Those are pretty cool! I wish you the best, and hope you sell a lot of pieces next Sunday.


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