traveller's talisman necklace

Since Jeff and Lola and I are on a little trip right now I thought I would list one of my favourite new pieces, the traveller's talisman necklace. You can find it now in the Sadie shop. It's made with a double-terminated rutilated quartz point and a vintage brass charm. Find out more details by following the link. Later tonight or tomorrow I'll share some photos of where we are in this amazing world called the Pacific Northwest. Days like today make me love this part of the planet more than anywhere else that I've been. There is definitely a summer breeze coming into our hotel room off the ocean and Lola is being a freak on the balcony and barking at anyone who walks through what I guess is her parking lot below. This afternoon we ate grilled cheese sandwiches in a park that overlooks the port and mountains. (I know, I know...it sounds like we haven't left Vancouver, but we have!) We enjoyed afternoon cupcake time at our hotel (for real) and now have to nap a bit before engaging in more power shopping. Yay Canadian dollar! Yay Alberta driver's license in Washington (no taxes for us!)! Friday we're back to work and school, so this mid-week mini vacation is much needed. I hope you're having a great week, too.


  1. Sarah, this is probably one of my absolute favorite necklaces! I can't wait for my next paycheck haha. But I'm pretty sure people will jump on it!

  2. Every time I read your blog posts it makes me want to live where you live. It sounds awesome. And cheap(er) than California!
    And I have an eye on something in your shop. It's on my list of things to buy after my next paycheck :)


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