oh well, whatever, nevermind

Remember a while back when I said that Jeff and I are food tourists? Well, I wasn't kidding. I'm not willing to admit to all that was consumed today, nor can I claim that it was even reasonably healthy. I can, however, guarantee that it was all delicious. From the braised kale to the salted caramel ice cream (not together, of course). Needless to say, I am very thankful that I bought a pair of super on sale sweatpants at J Crew this afternoon.

We love taking a break from Vancouver by coming down to Seattle. Seattle cyclists impress me to no end because this city is so ridiculously hilly that I've nearly killed the clutch in my car getting up hills on rainy nights. And we always notice that service staff in Seattle are so good at their jobs and are extra nice. In addition, there seem to be several restaurants that you can bring your dogs to and the lucky dogs in attendance seem to all be bulldogs. Finally, the '90s reign in Seattle. I love hearing Pearl Jam on the radio and seeing plaid and hiking boots and fleece everywhere. I'm sure if you actually live in Seattle you have a totally different perspective and are annoyed at my generalizations, but through my outsider's eyes I still see a bit of what I dreamed of as a 13 year old who knew at the time that Seattle was the cultural epicentre of the world.

The above photos are from Pike Place, Beechers, and High 5 Pie and a few other places around Seattle. Enjoy this hit song from 20 years ago. I'm going to sit here in my sweatpants thinking about how old I am.


  1. Friendly Bakery! I want that sign for my work!!
    Looks delicious! All of it!

  2. Oh, Beca, I only wish that this was all of it...it isn't. I'm so stuffed!

  3. Kudos for JCrew sweatpants! Stylish and comfy all in one.
    I'm so loving that "May the Forest be with you" sticker. It's perfect considering today is Star Wars day. Looks like you had a great day

  4. When we travel, my whole life revolves around food, and where the aquarium is, but mostly food. We haven't been on a trip in a minutes, but I can't wait to go somewhere soon just to try new places to eat!!! ;)

  5. Do you like Elliott Smith? Is your post title from one of his songs, or just a coincidence?

    I love the farmer's market. I can't wait for them to open around here. :)

  6. ah, geeeeze, has it really been 20 years...?
    Your foodie roadtrip looks like it was delicious. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver B.C. - we may not be exactly the cultural epicenter of the world, but we've got some pretty damn good eats :)

  7. Sounds fantastic! I would love to have a mini getaway soon :)

  8. I lived in Seattle for a year...would still be there if not for family and career. LOVE it!!

    But Vancouver...oh that city! I pseudo lived there. For a month. For work. And all the while I was plotting how I could convince my family to relocate. :)


  9. sarah, this is just one more reason i know we're blogging soulmates. my absolute favorite thing to do when i go to a different city or state is EAT! a food tourist is the best kind!


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