east van garden tour


bright front yard



miniature flower

fun patio space

lace cap hydrangea


My friend Emily and I spent Sunday afternoon touring some of the gardens of East Vancouver. My photos are almost all close-ups (aka "plant porn") because the details of the plants were the most interesting to me in these gardens. Maybe it's that I have flowers on the brain right now, as I just started planning our wedding arrangements with our florist. Emily and I did see some really great spaces that made me wish for bbq invites and East Van garden parties. A big thing that Jeff and I gave up when we moved to Vancouver was our amazing front and back garden. At least now we have big windows (still without a lot of direct sun) but we don't even have a balcony anymore, let alone a garden or a lawn or a tree to call our own. What kind of outdoor space do you have? Yard-less apartment dweller like me or elaborate secret garden...something in between?

***BOOK CLUB NOTE: The second and final book club post for Wide Sargasso Sea will be at the end of the month, so finish that book! Can't wait for the final discussion and Beca's choice for our next read.***


  1. gorgeous! i love flowers so so much!

  2. gorgeous photos! and sounds like a great afternoon out. now that i've moved back home with the boyfriend, i've upgraded from a balcony to a huge backyard, which the boyfriend gardens.
    hope you have a lovely afternoon :)

  3. So pretty! I love visiting gardens.

  4. Beautiful! I wish my garden looked like that! (Found your pretty blog through Etsy blog team)

  5. My jaw is on the ground for the second picture.

  6. plant porn is the best!

    chris and i for several years went on the garden tour that was always held in the super ritzy section of town (and they also included home tours which i really liked), but we quit because it was mainly the "ladies who lunch" that would just gossip about the person that owned the home. no fun. but it was always such wonderful eye candy!

    my outdoor space is huge. like 140 acres. we still don't have much landscaping done in our yard, but i can't wait until we do (and i even asked chris for a load of mulch for my birthday back in april).

  7. That first photo is to die for...seriously, I can't stop looking at it! I love plant porn! Between my house & LA there's a place called the Huntington Library or Huntington Gardens that has the biggest grounds filled with all sorts of different gardens! There's also a mini art museum & a tea house. It's a sort of magical place that reminds me of the Secret Garden or some far away land where everything is green... But California is mostly a golden brown... I think I'm okay with this. Anywho! I'm going to be in Vancouver soon! I can't wait to see your home base. & I do need recommendations for reading from you, Joan Didion? Hint hint. Maybe I should read along with this club. Hm. {sorry for thinking outloud!} ♥

  8. Thanks for sharing your tour. I love to see other people's gardens to get ideas for mine!

  9. Lovely photos!

    Do you want to sponsor a Green Streets garden? I can hook you up, I am working for Green Streets at the City for the summer.

  10. Lovely garden! I like the brickwork.


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