finale: wide sargasso sea

Remember that first book club pick, Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys? Well, it's almost time for the second book club pick (and picking up these posts over on Beca's wonderful blog). But before we move on, one final chance to discuss this book. I have to admit that I finished this book a while ago, as I know many others did, too. And I also have to admit that it was not my favourite.

While I love the idea that this book offers another side (or really any look at) the life of Mr. Rochester's wife I just could not get over the writing style. The idea is brilliant, the execution left me wishing that the story was told in a slightly friendlier manner. This is the kind of book that I think should be readable in just one or two sittings, but it wasn't for me, because I was never able to really get into it. I like the ambiguity of the story, though. It reminded me that there are always at least two sides to every story. Can't wait to pick up the next book for July! Thanks to everyone who participated in this round. The July posts will be on Beca's blog, so follow along there. Have a great long weekend everyone!


  1. i agree. it was very hard to get into. I found myself reading a little bit and then putting it aside and then reading a little... i liked the idea behind it and i liked the characters, but I agree it could have been told in a much more approachable style. glad i read it, but wouldn't re-read it.

  2. Exactly, I'm also glad that I read it, but would not re-read it. Well said, Manda Jane!

  3. ditto to all of that, i had a hard time reading it because of the writing style. it was almost painful in some parts. But i pushed through it and it was an interesting story, but dang it, I just wanted to feel less like I was being obtrusive.

  4. I also found it hard to get into, although I did as it went on. It wasn't my favourite but the story did draw me in. I sort of got shivers when Antoinette said "Say die and I will die. You don't believe me? Then try, try, say die and watch me die!" knowing how and where she ends up. It was one of those books that in I way I don't want to keep reading, though. Like a car crash, as they say. I kept reading because I wanted to know what happened, but I didn't want to because it was awful. I might have gone on a rant after I finished reading it (about fictional characters, I know). Poor Ben. Anyhow, it wasn't something i would've picked up on my own, so thank you Sarah for making me read something different :)


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