five friday favourites: canada day

Calgary, Alberta, Canada by BirdAve
we hold a hundred summers tank by scout and catalogue
writer leather moleskin case  by erin templeton
maiden voyage dropped stud earrings by flightpathdesigns
flower buds poster by rosegolden
Happy Canada Day, everyone! This is just a quick post to bring you some of my most recent Canadian favourites. I'm a bit obsessed with the Erin Templeton Writer. It's made of the most beautiful leather and I just know it would age so well over years of being dragged around on trips and around the city in my bag everyday. The rest of these things make me pretty happy, too, like an amazing new collaboration between the talented ladies of Fieldguided (all time favourite Canadian blog) and Atlantic Treefox (another great blog). Each rosegolden poster has hand-applied gold leaf and the floral photographs are so dreamy. I hope that you all have an amazing long weekend and that you get to see some sun. I'll have some photo from a weekend adventure early next week!

Now for some vintage Neil Young. He's Canadian, you know...


  1. Happy Canada Day! Great finds and beautiful blog! Thank you for the intro to Templeton!
    Caroline! ;-)

  2. yay for Canada Day! And all these pretty things. I must admit, sometimes I wish I were a Canadian. I don't know why, but it's one of those dreamy places I've always wanted to live in.

  3. Ooh, the aesthetic of the Calgary print is fantastic!

  4. oh so lovely! I just tweeted you about the new header! LOVE IT. Happy Canada day! How I wish to travel over there soon. So many great creatives live there. haha INCLUDING YOU. I'll be checking out each of the links...right about NOW


  5. DarkRide: Thanks! I love Erin Templeton's work!

    Katie: Canada is pretty great, but I dream of living in your country, too!

    Oh, My Darling: Not much art is made about Calgary...I love this one.

    Fi: Thank you. There are so many talented people in just my city alone. You should definitely visit the west coast if you come to Canada!


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