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Okay, okay, just for you guys I went to three of Vancouver's beaches (yes, there are more...we're jerks over here) in the last two days to attempt to recreate the historical photos in the post I put up a day ago. 

At the top is English Bay now, 90 years later. You can just barely see the Sylvia Hotel (which is the building in the old photo) behind the big trees. That's where many of our wedding guests are staying while they're here in Van. Next is Kits Beach. It's kind of about hook-ups and volleyball there, but it's also not too far from our house, so we tend to hit this beach the most often. You can see that Kits point is no longer forest and that the West End across the water, um, exists. There were about 103 years between photos. 

Finally, maybe my favourite Vancouver beach, though I don't get there nearly enough. Right in Stanley Park, Third Beach is way less busy than the others and so so so beautiful. Here it is, without all of the woody debris, 121 years after the photo I previously posted was taken. You can see all of the West Van/British Properties/North Van development and just barely (probably easier if you're familiar with Vancouver and Stanley Park) see Siwash Rock at the end of the treed bluff. Of course, a few years ago this hillside would have been way more heavily forested, but a huge windstorm took down a lot of old trees in the park. FYI: Stanley Park is bigger than Central Park in NYC and is a magical place.

This was pretty fun to do. I hope to soon find even more reasons to go to even more beaches. Do you have any pictures of beautiful places in your part of the world? Where do you go to relax in your city?

UPDATE: Jeff and I've been looking at those Kits Beach photos and we think that Kits Point maybe doesn't even exist, and that what we're really seeing is the forest that is now the West End. A lot of Kits Point/Vanier Park is fill from downtown building excavations. This city sure has changed!


  1. I was in Vancouver for an entire month for work a couple of years ago, and after seeing these photos I am kicking myself! I did not see one beach while I was there. :(
    I guess that just means I will have to come back to see what I missed! :)

  2. I love seeing places compared to the past. This is so, SO cool!

  3. I love these recreations! I think it's awesome people used to go to the beach in their suits and Sunday best. Haha :)

  4. People were so elegantly dressed back then and likely overheating. I'm glad we don't have to wear evening gowns to the beach any more.

  5. I have so enjoyed your then and now photos! My fave is Third beach...it's more secluded, and I love that!

  6. Dang city excavations! =( I love this though...seeing how things progress through the ages! I'd love to do this. My favorite beach spot in SoCal is Crystal Cove state park. I've blogged about it...it's so cool. Tide pools, 3 miles of beach & a historical district from the early 20th century! I'll link yah. =)

  7. Jo: I can't believe you were here for a month and didn't get to go to any beaches! Hopefully you'll get a chance to come back and take in some of the amazing outdoor attractions we have here.

    Mandi: Thank you! It was fun to do! A good excuse to make time for the beach!

    Katie: I know. Can you imagine doing that? I wonder if it was something that people did on Sunday after church...could be!

    Jacqui: It was pre-climate change. Maybe they were good to go. Also, the smog cloud that was hanging over the city probably blotted out the sun real good. ;)

    Della: Thanks! I love 3rd beach, too!

    Cal: Do it! Find an old photo and recreate it! I would love to see SoCal styles now and then!

  8. great photos...I luv to look at then and now photos....thanks for sharing...hope your weekend is fabby!

    enjoy *~*


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