five friday favourites: participaction

Do any of you lovely Canadians remember these gems?

Boy, we were a healthy nation in the 1980s (I'm assuming...I mean, check it out, everyone was psyched, wandering around with this "do it, do it, do it" song lodged in their brains). In the spirit of the long weekend here in British Columbia and with the ultra-positive encouragement of Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod (see below) here are a few good things to participate in this weekend. Check them out and then get out there and enjoy the weekend! Do it! Do it! Do it!

There is a Sadie Designs giveaway at Oh Mishka! You have until Sunday to enter. An amethyst core sample is up for grabs.

A giveaway for a beautiful Little Ocean necklace, discovered via Marie Bee.

I'm also really excited about this friendship bracelet swap at Grainline Studio. You have until Friday at midnight (any time zone) to sign up to be a part of it. Check out some of the amazing patterns for friendship bracelets on this site. Here are some that I made last summer when I had a busted ankle for weeks and weeks. Also '80s nostalgia.

And now a little DIY fun:

I really want to make this fringed suede clutch. It reminds me of an amazing pair of vintage winter boots I used to have, which I wore until they totally blew out. I got them for under ten bucks in Calgary, talking them down at the thrift store because the boots may have a had a little poop on them. Too much information? It was a long time ago...

Finally, Jill at LUNE always posts the best tutorials and DIY projects. Here's her latest, a video that shows you exactly how to wrap the most perfect summer beach bangle.

Enjoy! Happy weekend, everyone, and happy long weekend fellow British Columbians! What projects do you have planned? I'm making wedding decorations until I can't see straight!

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  1. Hal and Joanne haven't aged much. I saw them on a commercial recently. They took many body breaks and it paid off! Thanks for the reminder and Happy BC Day!


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