married within a year

Wedding details are starting to happen and I have to thank the talented and amazing girls who came over to help Jeff and I make some decorations and taste some champagne last night. Amanda, Jacqui, Emily, and Glenis made so many decorations last night and after the wedding I will certainly share more photos of what we came up with, partly inspired by Elsie's beautiful wedding decorations. I think it's funny that the wedding colour palette has slowly morphed to be even closer to my original inspiration image, a gorgeous, messy bouquet from a New York City Hall wedding.

Since we got so much done yesterday, and had so much fun doing it, I wanted to share this video from Paulette magazine that I discovered via Diane at Pagan Poetry. So beautiful, and it has many of Diane's gorgeous jewelry pieces in it. While you're watching perhaps you can think of some ceremony music that we could consider. If you're married, what did you walk down the aisle to? And would it sound good played on a saxaphone?


  1. Beautiful! I LOVE your colors! And we had a million of those puffies at our wedding, too!

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I love this video so much and it was so easy and fun to make these decorations! Martha Stewart knows what's up!

  3. I'm really liking the colours Sarah! Good choices!


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