weekend worship






Our long weekend has been full of wedding planning, making things, drinking ginger syrup cocktails and champagne, dog walks, and beach trips. This afternoon we took a little road trip to a place we'd never been before. It's hard to believe that this beach is basically right next to the airport and less than a half hour drive from our house. Iona Beach is maybe my new favourite Lower Mainland beach. The tide was way out and we could walk on the mudflats for a very long way. What an awesome, relaxing beautiful place. I wish that there was no such thing as short weekend. Three days is perfect.


  1. i wish i lived less than an hour from the beach! i can't complain though, because it's not like i live in kansas ;) that looks nice (translation: not full of people). what's the temperature in vancouver? warm enough to swim?

  2. That's what was so good about this beach. The city beaches are packed and were probably triple packed today because the weather is finally good here and it's gay pride weekend. Tons of people are here right now! It's technically warm enough to swim, but I'm a cold water hater. Because I used to always go to Mississippi and swim in the Gulf I can't handle cold water like other Canadians who are all too happy to jump in a glacier-fed lake. That's just not for me!

  3. Wow, those are some gorgeous pictures. Beach escapes are so nice, aren't they? I can't get enough of them. Luckily, I live by lots of beaches (although the water is freezing even when the air is warm!).

  4. Claire: I need to spend more time at beaches. You must have some good ones around you!


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