Remember a while ago when I shared some outtakes from a photoshoot that I did with my friends Ryan, Amanda, Emily, and Jeff? Well, here are three of the legit photos taken by the amazing Ryan. You can check out his Flickr photostream for a couple more and to see some of his other incredible photographs. I'll share more soon, too. One of these will definitely be the new welcome image on the Sadie site. Update your bookmarks if you'd like to use the new homepage to navigate between blog and shop and so on. It's a work in progress for now, though. Looking at these photos made me so happy today I had to share! Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. wowzers, these pictures are so dreamy. MUST-FLICKR-FOLLOW hehe So lovely! <3

  2. okay, they're all beautiful, but that first photo... all i can say is i'm jealous! i wish i had one that cool with my jewelry!

    and thank you for showing a picture of another tattoo :) i like wrist tattoos the best.

  3. They're breathe-taking and I can't wait to see them on the print shop. Love the red forest!


  4. Well, these prints won't be for sale because they really belong to my friend Ryan, but I'm excited to use them in the shop for jewelry shots. I love them all so much!

  5. love love love! i'd love to do an earthy/organic photo shoot with someone other than myself someday. someday....

    end my bi-monthly comment spam . :)

  6. these are absolutely amazing. i'm so in love with the colors and it's grungy-ness. they're absolutely beautiful sarah :)


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