I'm pretty excited right now. So excited, in fact, that I'm publishing a rare, portrait-oriented photo here on the blog. This photo from my Flickr photostream is going to be published in a book about sustainable communities next year. I took it when my job as a research assistant at UBC got me on top of the Vancouver Public Library downtown with the staff of the landscape architect who designed it. It was a rare, sunny winter day and the light was perfect.

In other photography related news I'm planning on purchasing a new camera in the next month or so. I'll share more details when I've got it in my hands. After a few years of using my most-beloved Cannon point-and-shoot, (gold with a wide angle lens, no less...) it's time to move up a little bit in the camera world. Oh, and be sure to check out my guest post on Micaela's blog tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations! The photo is awesome. I don't know the grass types but they certainly are beautiful. I love those colors and shapes. Your shot captures the details so very well. Congratulations, again!

  2. There are a few different types of grasses up there and a lot of dirt, too. Being on the roof is really awesome because there is no fence or wall around the edges. Just wide open views of the city in every direction!

  3. Whoa this is great!
    No wonder you're chosen! Congratulation ♥

    Thank you for the button, I have your button on my blog as well. So happy for you!

    Congratulation again!


  4. I love seeing landscaped rooftops. There are so many pluses for doing it! Great shot Sarah :)

    I do have another blog that is way more fun than my lupus/autoimmune blog...you might enjoy it more than my aches, pains and lack of sleep. lol.

  5. Is that a rooftop garden? & it's sustainable?! So fargin cool batman! Congrats on the photo girl!!!

  6. what an amazing photo! It's so awesome that its going to be in a book!!! Congrats :)
    Also, good luck with the camera hunt. It's gonna be so awesome when you get a "grown up" camera :p

  7. Beautiful photo! That's awesome Sarah!!


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