rad summer: portland

This weekend Jeff and I hung out in Portland with Lola and a few friends of ours. We chose to head there based on the weather forecast. Vancouver was gonna be showery and overcast, Seattle nice but not hot, and Portland hot and sunny. I am seriously at a point of being willing to drive hours to feel summer. That being said, it seems that Vancouver has figured it out now and this week is looking good!

Here are some photos of a few trip highlights: vintage shops and strawberry blintzes, a goggle-wearing chihuahua named Rootbeer, hammertime, dog walks, sunshine, and late night food. I hope that you have a chance to visit Portland sometime. I've been going there pretty regularly for the past 8 or 9 years and never get sick of it. I've never seen so many breakfast places in one city and love all of the niche stores like Artemesia, which specializes in terrarium supplies, and the gigantic bookstore that I want to live in, Powell's. Seriously, the trip is worth it for any book lover just because of that store. You really, really should go. And as a Canadian used to paying way too much for everything, I love two dollar beers and four dollar veggie burgers during happy hour (happy hour, by the way, is illegal in British Columbia...yikes).

P.S. Chevre, ligonberry, lemon curd crepes are delicious!


  1. Awesome! Do you stay with friends when you bring Lola with you, or a hotel?

  2. Last time I went to the US with my boyfriend we stocked up on cheap beer and wine not even understanding the whole 'duty' thing. On the way back, we paid $30 in duty on $28 of alcohol. Lesson learned! (I'm not originally from Vancouver or anywhere near a US border if you're wondering why I'd be so silly to try something like that :)

  3. doggles, Sarah, doggles.

  4. Oh Rootbeer....! I really want to check out the terrarium store. I might ask you to create an itinerary for when Blair and I visit Portland. You know all the best spots!

  5. Looks like an ideal trip! Portland seems like such a great place to be.


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