shop updates

amethyst core sample necklaces: eight and nine
green opal and vintage brass
pastel pink jasper and vintage brass

There are a few new pieces in the Sadie shop that I wanted to share with you. Luckily I took a day off in Vancouver this long weekend and was able to get a lot done...not just on the wedding front, but also updating the shop a little. I'm really excited about being able to offer more amethyst core samples just in time for the real summer weather that's finally hitting the west coast. I've also started incorporating vintage charms into the clasps of my layered pieces, so if you go for a green opal or pink jasper piece, you can look for this added detail.

Sometime I should show you all the mess that I make when I make jewelry. I can't honestly believe that Jeff doesn't freak out. Right now I'm posting these pictures while sitting in a giant pile of little plastic bags and tools and chain bits. I'm gonna have to figure out a new organizing system soon. Happy 4th, American friends!


  1. I really love the way you stage your pictures--the textures are beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Rachel. I always photograph where I have the best light in my house. I just wish I had a better camera...

  3. The green opal is beautiful. Also, love the vintage charm addition. You are so talented Sarah!

  4. I love the amethyst core sample necklaces! Beautiful.

    I agree with the first comment about your photography too - they're simple but lovely and really striking.



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