a dream goes on forever

This week's mix is inspired by a crazy dream I had last night, full of nonsensical details and incongruous happenings. My choices were also more than a little bit directed by nostalgia this time around. I've been on a Weakerthans kick (no where near as crazy as the one I was on about eleven years ago) since Jeff and I watched the art house classic "Wedding Crashers" last week and discovered that the final credits are accompanied by a Weakerthans song. Who knew? This Weakerthans song is from their second album, but I encourage you to listen to the first album, too. In my opinion it's one of the greatest albums ever and perfectly captures the Canadian prairies around oh, say, 1999. That album is representative of practically an entire year of my life and was the last thing that I bought to take with me when I moved to England in 1999. I drove my boyfriend at the time crazy with it. So, here you go, enjoy:


1. a dream goes on forever - todd rundgren
2. everything must go - the weakerthans
3. thieves - she & him
4. hell is chrome - wilco
5. blonde hash - chad vangaalen
6. stay free - black mountain
7. transmission - joy division
8. my favourite year - destroyer
9. shuffle a dream - little dragon
10. werewolf - cat power

You can check out the last mix that I posted here.


  1. Great playlist! I love crazy dreams

  2. She&Him, Joy Division, Cat Power, and Little Dragon (whom I saw live yesterday)!! Keep up the crazy dreams!

  3. I might start falling in love with you. Todd Rundgren?!!! You and I are so deeply musically connected.

  4. i'm really enjoying this playlist this morning. thank you:) i also love the idea of a dream driven playlist!

  5. Dear lord! This must be one of the most amazing playlists ever. I have all but todd rundgren and the weakerthans....will download them asap. thank you!!
    toni xo

  6. So glad that you guys enjoyed this playlist! Especially that so many of you are down with Todd Rundgren!


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