five friday favourites

This weeks favourites, each described in five words or less:

blueberry season
lauren treece's photostream
morris kitchen ginger syrup cocktails
refreshing saje peppermint halo
my new bloch shoes
That's it, that's all. A varied pile of favourites that let you in on a lot of what I've been up to lately. Blueberry picking (and eating!), photo dreaming (especially looking for double exposure inspiration), shoe shopping (looking for the perfect pair for the wedding), cold drinks with friends, and the best pick-me-up...peppermint oil! Have a great weekend, everyone. We're going to be harassing our friends for wedding-related favours and buying the booze for our bar this weekend. Three more weeks!


  1. i love all these pictures! your new shoes look darling!! have a great weekend!

  2. So sweet. :) I'm glad your list is summery, because I am protesting the end of summer. It's not the end just yet, but it feels like it to me since we're already back to school!

  3. Thanks, Brissa! These shoes are so unbelievably comfortable! I love them!

    Claire, can't believe that you are already back to school! Yikes! So glad I'm not going there this September. Of course, it would be different if I was a teacher. Still, seems like a short summer for you guys! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. LAX to YVR: It's kinda the best thing ever, right? I use it even when I don't have a headache, just to clear my head. I love it.

  5. i love everything here. blueberries are by far my favorite fruit. and i'm lovin' your shoes!

  6. That double exposure photo is amazing, oh my goodness!


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