A to Zs, inspired by Moorea and others

This photo of Jeff and I is from our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding two weeks ago. My sister Jenn took it and I think it kind of sums up how much fun we were having with all of our friends and family.

This has been a big year and a big month. I've noticed lots of new followers here on the Sadie blog and have hardly had the time to keep things going around here the way I'd like to. So, as a way of introducing myself to all of you, I'm going to share the A to Zs of me, Sarah, with you. I first saw this on Moorea's blog, so thanks to her for passing some inspiration my way. If you post something like this on your blog be sure to link back to her, or to Liz, who got this whole thing going. 

A. Age: 31
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: Putting away laundry, just like Liz and Moorea.
D. Dogs: Lola, a border collie staffie x from the Cochrane SPCA. She's 8-ish and the BEST.
E. Essential start to your day: E-mail check, breakfast, bike ride to work. Weekends require a little sleeping in and laziness.
F. Favorite color: This is tough. Today, almost-black navy.
G. Gold or Silver:  Both. At the same time.
H. Height: 5’7", though for most of my adult life I thought I was 5'6".
I. Instruments you play: All of them...very badly.
J. Job title: Landscape Architecture Intern, Jewelry Designer.
K. Kids: I'll babysit for you.
L. Live: in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Supernatural!
M. Mother’s name: Janet Miriam.
N. Nicknames: They never stick.
O. Overnight hospital stays: As an infant, I'm guessing.
P. Pet peeves:  Bad grammar is always annoying, bad grammar or incorrect punctuation on signs drives me crazy. Except one on Main St. that used to say "Freshly Quizzed Juice". That one I loved.
Q. Quote from a movie: Who's Benjamin? Who's Benjamin? My drummer! (Do you know what it's from?)
R. Right or left handed: Right, though apparently I swing left in golf. Not that I golf.
S. Siblings: Two younger sisters, one younger brother.
T. Tea of coffee: Both. I drink coffee mostly on the weekends or if I take public transit to work. Tea is the drink of choice at work so I stick with it.

U. Underwear: Tie dyed!
V. Vegetable you hate: This is cliché, but brussels sprouts. I just found out they're called "brussels", too.
W. What makes you run late:  I put things down without thinking. When it's time to go, my keys, sunglasses, lunch, bus fare all become roadblocks preventing me from leaving the house on time.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Where to start? I'll just list broken bones instead: left wrist x 2, right wrist x 1, right humerus x 1, one growth plate in my leg at age three, one ankle. It should be noted that I do not partake in extreme sports, just that I have extremely fragile bones.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I make the lasagna around our place (about once a year).
Z. Zoo animal: Large cats. I once saw this thing on TV about a large cat sanctuary in Florida. I would definitely volunteer at a place like that if there was one nearby. 

Tell me a little about yourselves? Or have you perhaps posted your own A to Zs?

UPDATE: After seeing this meme repeated on a few other blogs, I noticed an astute commenter picked up on the fact that "T" was missing. Like, everywhere. From every blog that I've seen so far. So, I've added my own in a little update. I just couldn't let it slide. 


  1. I am loving all these A-Z posts! It's so nice to learn a little more about people. I'm just working on filling mine in for my blog right now :)


  2. It's so interesting to read all about my fave bloggers! I did mine yesterday, it's here if you're interested in popping over :) http://www.matinlapin.com/2011/09/z-of-me.html

  3. I love your A-Z's! I may have to partake. Also, hate putting laundry away. & why o why does everyone hate brussel sprouts? I cook them & LOVE them quite frequently. Yummmmy with some baby potatoes & cheese! =)

  4. These are so fun to read. :) I have been wanting to learn to make lasagna . . . I've never done it (except for skillet lasagna). So delish. Hope you're having a good Monday, Sarah!

  5. Lolo: Glad you participated, too!

    Vixie: I know, I'm loving seeing these pop up everywhere.

    CaL: Yours are great! But seriously, brussels sprouts are lame and it's even lamer that they're actually called "brussels". Way to be more awkward, vegetable.

    Claire: Lasagna is so time consuming! Jeff and I once made a Martha recipe that took us until 11pm. We were so hungry by the time it came out of the oven that it was the most delicious lasagna ever!


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