five friday favourites

This week is the first time that autumn weather has made an appearance in Vancouver. It makes me excited to get a new sweater or two, bake spiced cookies, and watch a lot (and I mean, a lot) of movies. As much as I don't want summer to ever go away and though I would never say that I was ready for summer to end, there is a certain excitement brewing about the fall slow down. And my first fall without school in, well, almost forever. For me fall is a time to still be outside a lot, enjoying bike rides and trips to farms and mountains whenever possible, but with a little less going on in general. It feels like there is breathing room, though maybe that just has something to do with the fact that I finished school this spring and that our wedding is now a couple of weeks behind us.

Anyway, on to the fall-related finds. First of all, I was excited to discover that you can buy mini doughnuts on Etsy. I think I might have to order some of those dudes to our American mailbox address just because I can. The rest of these picks are all about thick knitwear, cold weather, and smokey campfires. Click on the links below to see more.

1. The gorgeous Blanket poster by Debbie Carlos
2. Woodsmoke and Vanilla perfume oil by FlourishBathBody
5. Raincity Boot Warmers by Vancouver's own Kove

So, these are the handmade things that I think would really help me survive the non-summer months this year. What autumn-y things have you found lately?

If you'd like to see more of my fall finds, I have three new treasuries on Etsy: Around the Campfire, Sweater Weather, and Awesome Autumn.


  1. Fall is just starting here, too! (Southern Ontario) Such an exciting time of year!

  2. ohh loving these! especially all the beautiful knitted things!

  3. I'm so excited for fall! I just moved to a town where it snows! And although I'm a little scared to be freezing all the time, I'm even more excited to partake in all the snow fun!

    I recently did a fall trend finds on my blog:


    :] eep, I'm even more excited now! Thanks for sharing your finds.


    Sandra from ZoiShop (Etsy) & A Little More Than Life (blogger)

  4. fall really has started to show signs of life and the things you've sourced are appropriately autumnal Sarah. those Etsy knit scarfs from Yokoo have been on my most wanted list for quite a while but i'd never heard of Kove before! thanks for sharing their warmers, what a brilliant thing they are. ♥

  5. Mandi: I'm sure fall is so pretty in Southern Ontario!

    Katie: I know. Me, too!

    Sandra: Snow fun for the first time?!? Enjoy!

    Lynn: I love Yokoo's stuff, but Kove is pretty much perfect, too. And she's a local!

  6. the pumpkin spic doughbabies look to die for!


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