caiti's five friday favourites

Today's guest post comes courtesy of Caiti at Life is a Canvas. As part of my new series featuring bloggers and makers that I admire, Caiti has offered to share some of her favourite links for your enjoyment! Be sure to check out her blog, it's always full of inspiration. Thank you, Caiti!

First of all, thank you to Sarah for inviting me to guest post for her while she is recovering from her vacation in Montreal! My name is Caiti and I am a designer of paper goods and blogger at Life is a Canvas: Creative Musings from CaitididDesigns. On the Life is a Canvas blog, I explore all the ways that we can celebrate creativity in our daily lives — not only through artistic pursuits like art, graphic design, crafting and writing, but also by infusing creativity into everyday activities like cooking, interacting with friends, our jobs, where we choose to shop, and the way we present ourselves to the
world. I am committed to the notion that we are the artists for our lives, and I know that I want to create a life full of color, vibrancy, passion, exploration, and authenticity.

One of my most popular blog series is a "Monthly Faves" post in which I pick several of my favorite links from around the interwebs to help inspire your creativity. I've picked out my five current favorites to share with you today.

13 things


-Although this post is written by a photographer, I think Alex Beadon's 
"13 things I have learned as an artist" can be applied to any creative person's life.


- The series of "Live the Language" ads for EF International Language
Centers give me a serious case of wanderlust, including the desire to
visit Sarah's hometown of Vancouver.

club breakers


- I'm in love with the subtle, moody sounds of Gem Club -

diy sharpie gradient napkins


- Make these gorgeous DIY gradient napkins with not much more than Sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

shop trailer


- Running a tea shop out of a
vintage trailer is basically the most perfect, dreamy job I could

Thanks again, Sarah, for letting me share some of my favorite links with your readers!


  1. The "Live the Language" Vancouver clip looks really fun! I didn't know Vancouver was that awesome... and I live there! Just kidding, it is that awesome. Crossing the bridges into downtown is ALWAYS amazing, no matter what time of day. I like these top 5. Very nice!

  2. Caiti, thank you so much for this great post. I hadn't seen that video of Vancouver before...so many recognizable places. And nice typography, too! Thanks again!

  3. I can't wait to visit Vancouver, although my trip is postponed as of right now, I WILL come and you're going to take me around and we're going to have the best time! the end :)

  4. sarah, you are so good at series! i am so inspired by Caiti. Right now i'm listening to "breakers" (i love the description of how it's perfect for an autumn stroll) and excited to roll up my sleeves and attempt gradient napkins.

    amazing! xo


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