a little lola fundraiser

Hi friends, just dropping in with a quick post to share some news. Lola (our seven year old staffie/border collie x) has to have surgery on Sunday on one of her front legs. We suspect an abscess got infected and now it needs to be fixed up so Lola can get back to her old (crazy) self. To help us deal, I'm offering free shipping in the Sadie shop with the coupon code GOLOLAGO until she's feeling better.

This is Lola's second surgery since we adopted her from the Cochrance SPCA in 2007. Her first was in the first month we had her when she brilliantly knocked out some teeth while playing in my parents' backyard. Do you have your own adopted pet? Tell me a little about them! And thanks for your well wishes this weekend while Lola's having her surgery. She's such a sad cone head right now.


  1. Poor Lola! Hope she's all better soon so she can get to her usual shenanigans sans cone-of-shame :)

  2. oh no, i'm so sorry to hear about lola! i hope she will recover quickly and is back to her old self very, very soon!

  3. ahh, pup surgery is the worst. when charlie got attacked by this mean dog, he had to have 20 stitches on his back leg and it was a nightmare. so scary...but I hope miss Lola recovers quickly and is back to her self soon!
    (I tweeted about this, hope you make some sales!! We're having a sidewalk sale on Saturday and I'll push your necklaces HARD!)

  4. im so sorry friend, i will definitely buy something to help you guys out..sorry you are going through a tough time<3 i wish your pup a speedy recovery!


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