good night and good luck

At the end of our weekend in Larabee State Park in Washington we decided to drive down to Burlington on Chuckanut Drive because from what we'd already seen of the road, it was narrow and winding and beautiful. We were not disappointed. Just where the road comes out of mixed forest and heads over a bridge to flat, delta farmland we discovered the abandoned house of Edward R. Murrow. When I read his name on the sign in front of the property I knew it sounded familiar. I looked him up when I got home and discovered that we had stumbled on the former home of a legend. I stopped in at the library last night on my way home from work and found Good Night and Good Luck (and a good cookbook) and watched it again. Murrow was very prescient about the way television programming and journalism would end up being mindless distraction. It would be good autumn evening watching if you haven't seen it before.

Tomorrow I'm excited to be running my first feature post. Laura from Cubits Organics is offering up an amazing guest post and giveaway just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving. Did you know our Thanksgiving is in October here? And that it's earlier than in the States because our harvest is earlier, too? Fun facts. Be sure to drop in tomorrow (or perhaps you'd like to subscribe via e-mail, which you can now do over there in the sidebar...). You won't want to miss this post!


  1. The 3rd picture is my favourite landscape picture ever. It is amazing.

  2. I will sell you a copy for $2500, husband!


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