white room

I wish that I could tell you that this was my living room and that all I own is pictured here: plants, a nice light, a small table, an awesome tea set. But no, life is much more complicated and not as naturally lit as this lovely scene. With wedding-related hazards and stuff all over the apartment still, things are feeling cluttered and messy and my brain is suffering as a result. My indoor life right now is quite the opposite of our relaxing camping trip this past weekend. I plan to tackle this problem one small space at a time. I wish there was a vaccine for clutter. Or a magic raygun I could use on my apartment to expand it by five times or so. For now this image is my inspiration. Does anyone know the original source? What are you interior inspiration images like?


  1. Oh, how I wish there were some magical way to get rid of clutter. Could I use your raygun? I cleaned off my desk today, and you can already hardly tell!

  2. I feel your pain, Sarah.
    Sometimes it feels like there's not enough time in the day to live your dream AND make your surroundings beautiful. How do people do it?
    Oh, and it would be a total honor if you made a Carla-inspired playlist. I yelped when I read that!

  3. I crave order too, and struggle to maintain it. My dream interior is so simple that it only has only the things we need to enjoy life simply. So basic that it does not take much of my time to keep it in order. But it has to have an element of beauty too.

  4. Same here. When the house is messy, I get stressed out. The whole thing doesn't need to be spotless, but I have to one the main living area presentable.

  5. LC: If I discover one you can totally use it! My desk at work is sooooo crazy. No matter how often I clean it off, I always get buried again.

    Carla: I'm working on a new playlist that I think you'll love. Right now I'm calling it "minimalist" but some parts aren't so minimal. I'm going to try to post it this weekend!

    Fabric: I agree, simple with splashes of colour. I think the real thing that I love about simple interiors is that idea that it would be easy to get a broom around the whole place. Clean and tidy. That would be nice....

    Paige: Agreed. Mess = stress. I've read that if you keep your main foyer entrance clean you'll be so much happier in your space. Maybe that's the space I'll tackle tonight!

  6. ahhhh! this living room is a.maz.ing! best interior decor photo i've seen in awhile. thanks!

  7. Kittenrocket: Isn't it? It's definitely exactly what I want!


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