master cleanse

Sometimes you have to get out of the city, head south to warmer, less rainy places. Sleep outside. Watch Hazel (the little dude at the top here with her favourite camping mug) go crazy for nearly 48 hours straight. Wash raccoon prints off of your car windshield. Hike for hours to see lakes and beaches. Make a fire. Use ketchup in the dark. Master cleanse your brain. Here are some highlights from our first day in Larabee State Park with Adam, Emily, Hazel, and Lola.

• lookout point over the pacific ocean and the san juan (southern gulf) islands •

• fragrance lake with lola and hazel •

• clayton beach tide pools •

• candlelit cheese plate •

I think I'm in love with fall camping and getting away for an entire weekend without computers, cell phones, television, and all that other distracting stuff. Now I'm dreaming of a fall camping road trip next year after Jeff is finished school. The cooler temperatures are just right for a long hike and evenings are nice and long for hours around the campfire. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too. Is it very autumn-like where you are?


  1. My boyfriend an I go camping a couple of times a year. The dogs love it too, although my favorite part is definitely the camp fire.


  2. Beautiful photos, looks like a magical place. Makes me wish I could go camping! And the north of England is definitely autumnal - the trees are changing, leaves are falling, and it's very windy indeed.

  3. seriously, what's not to love about the west coast?! it all looks so beautiful, and your camping and nature pictures always make me want to go wherever you've been!

  4. I must camp soon! & dude...look at how LUSH that is! I love me some greenery! I can't wait for Pac Northwest camping. =)


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