all I want for christmas...

It's been a long time since I put together a list of my favourite handmade objects and 'tis the season to talk about things we want and drop helpful, blatant hints, so here are mine (a little late, I know...). A limited edition gold leafed ceramic tray by upintheairsomewhere? Yes, please. A big, pretty much ideal Forestbound leather bag. Forestbound leads in perfectly to Foret, my favourite scent from OLO (inspired by all of the forests the maker has visited). A BFF necklace that I'd be psyched to have half of, made by In God We Trust. (I'm dying to see their "Heathers" series...I wonder which quotes they chose.) And finally, hand-painted silk and cotton scarf from Scarfshop's Holiday Shimmer collection. I'd definitely choose the gold one (to go with my platter...).

I have a bit of a tough time with the whole insanely commercial side of the holidays, but I think shopping handmade makes it all feel a little better. Rest assured, any purchase that you've made from a small business person has been greatly appreciated this holiday season. I have been very busy making, packaging, and shipping jewelry lately and I am thankful for each and every order. I love seeing all of the different addresses that my work is headed off to and appreciate it whenever a customer sends me a nice comment when they place their order or receive their package. It's amazing to be part of the process of getting the perfect gift to a special person. Thank you all so much for your support this year! 

What's on your handmade wishlist? Leave me a link if you have a post to share!

gold zag tray by upintheairsomewhere
ashcroft leather carryall by forestbound
OLO fragrance
best fuckin' friends necklace by IN GOD WE TRUST
holiday shimmer collection by Scarfshop


  1. i'm adding all of those to my "if only i could have it" list.

  2. I really like the idea of the perfume (like a forest).

  3. Oh no, I wish I hadn't seen the leather bag. Now I want it badly!

    I agree, buying handmade does kinda make buying xmas gifts less evil.

  4. Danielle: I know, I know...I want them all.......

    Paige: Agreed.

    Heather: It's my favourite of all of their fragrances that I've tried!

    Alice: That's exactly how I felt. And handmade gifts are the way to go!

  5. Love that zig zag tray. So cute!

  6. all of these are sooo lovely! the splashes of gold make me feel so festive!


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