a few new things...

This weekend I'm updating the shop with some new pieces. Among them: cave explorers, rutilated quartz necklaces (one of my all time favourite stones), new pendulum pieces, and a few new vintage paddle necklaces like the one in the middle. I've taken and edited all of the close up shots, tomorrow I'll take a few more of each piece and get the listings up. There's still time to get your order in before Christmas!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend and perhaps hitting up a craft fair or two to support your local makers! Jeff and I spent a lot of the afternoon in Point Roberts, Washington, waiting in various lineups to get American Sadie orders mailed out, pick up some Christmas packages, and take advantage of cheap American gas prices. Not the most exciting afternoon, but we got a lot done. Tonight we're going to our first Christmas party. I'm hoping for shortbread and glogg. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Those are both gorgeous, Sarah.

  2. Oh my, these are amazing Sarah! Truly beautiful work. I just did a post on the piece I bought of you a while back. I never realised why I wanted it so much, so I did some research into the crystals. They are perfect for me. I get so many comments too. If you are getting lots of orders from Qld, Australia, its because I'm telling everyone about Sadie!!! ;)
    toni xo


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