new camera...sort of

You guys might remember my little autumn to do list. Well, I didn't get to everything on the list, but I got to a lot of it, and had a fun fall travelling, making new things, and generally enjoying an autumn without school for the first time in three years.

One thing on my to do list was to take a photo with a new camera. I still haven't invested in the camera that I have my eye on, but in the meantime, I was way overdue for a new phone and I got the new iPhone 4S. I think this counts as getting a new camera, too, and I thought I'd share a picture that I took of Burrard Inlet and downtown Vancouver this afternoon. Yes, it is a grossly grey day here in Vancouver. (And, Danielle, I will try to refrain from sharing crappy Instagram photos here but I can't promise I won't try to get one past you every now and then...)

I'm not kidding when I say that I was overdue for a new phone. BABIES have much better phones than I did before last week. And with my new phone I was already able to contact a locksmith to get Jeff and I back into our apartment when our lock broke last weekend, take credit card payments at Got Craft? that were instantly authorized through PayPal's virtual terminal (so awesome and convenient), and share this photo with you. I don't want to talk about my new phone too much, so let's just say: I'm convinced.

And on that note, please tell me about your favourite apps...


  1. I'm dying for the new iphone 4S looks great! The camera on it is really good!

  2. listen, regular phone pictures are fine, but when i start seeing instagram pictures and all that stupid shit with fake bokeh and old picture edges, we can no longer be friends! hahaha!

  3. Wow, so impressive that this is a phone pic! I have the regular iPhone 4 and I love it. :) My favorite apps: shazam, facebook/twitter, Tiny Tower (a game I'm totally obsessed with), My Fitness Pal (when I'm feeling motivated), NFL (haha), Stampt, and What's App (international texting, free!).

  4. Nadiine: It is pretty stellar!

    Danielle: Haha, sorry friend.

    Claire: Thanks! I was so sad to see that Stampt is pretty much all USA. It's such a good idea! I recently discovered Flipbook and I'm all over that!


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