märta mattsson: jewellery artist

Märta Mattsson calls her jewelry "objects of astonishment", and when I started to take a closer look at them I began to understand how that was the perfect description. I was first drawn to the work's texture and intricate details. These are the kind of pieces that I wish I could see in real life, to take a closer look at how they've been made and put together and to be able to really appreciate the materials that the artist is using. These lace-like pieces, for example, are actually made of calf skin. Though I've been vegetarian for about eighteen years, I still love materials like leather and even (gasp) fur...not saying that I'm about to go walking around in a mink coat any time soon, but I would like to pet one. And while I'm petting that fur I would think about how it is simultaneously beautiful and disgusting. I think that's what Märta Mattsson is going for with these pieces, but I do think she's (smartly) erring on side of beauty. Which one is your favourite? Have you discovered any new jewelry artists lately?


  1. Pretty! I want that fur thing.

  2. These are so unique and beautiful! I love the bow in the second picture. I think liking fur or leather is such a faux pas these days. Personally, i really love those materials as well!


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