sticker collection

These beauties arrived yesterday and I can't wait to put them to work on new Camp + Quarry orders! Along with changing my shop name and the name of this blog, I've been working away at updating my packaging. These are just one part of the new C + Q packaging that is coming together slowly but surely. The one starring Hazel being swung in my arms just might be my favourite of the batch. I'm already looking forward to a sunny weekend day when I can get outside and take some new photos for the next batch of cards and stickers. I ordered these from Moo and am happy with the colours and quality. I've also been busy making lots of new pieces for the shop which I hope to have the time to photograph soon.

In the meantime, if you live in Vancouver you can look for new Camp + Quarry pieces at Dream Apparel in Gastown and on Granville Island soon and if you're lucky enough to live in Copenhagen C + Q pieces will be popping up there, too! Now I must drink more tea and hurry to work. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Oo--I've been vacillating about getting some stickers from Moo, too, and now seeing them all finished might need to try it out. Love your photos, by the way.

  2. Oh wow, I love these! I think the Hazel-swinging one is my favourite, too.

  3. These stickers are amazing! Congrats on getting your work in boutiques :) I'm excited to see the 'finished project' with your packaging!

  4. I love these SO much! On top of your new items & name change, these are just so perfect for packaging! =)


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