welcome to camp + quarry!

Welcome to Camp + Quarry! After two years of calling my creative project Sadie Designs, it's time for a change. Sadie has been a labour of love and it has, with my interests, changed over the past two years. As I take on new challenges I want to work under a name that reflects my aesthetic and interests more accurately, and Camp + Quarry is just that name.

Camp + Quarry will focus even more on the awesomeness that is the Pacific Northwest, the amazing things that people make with their hands, think with their brains, and see with their cameras. Yes, in 2012 this blog is going to feature even more prominently the outdoors, brain thinking, and picture taking.

I will be renewing my summer guest post series, sharing a lot of my creative projects and (hopefully) titillating you with my West Coast adventures. If you knew how many tries it took for me to spell "titillating" correctly you'd know why I feel the need to include an emphasis on brain thinking here on the Camp + Quarry blog in 2012. Yes, I will learn new words for you, dear readers!

I hope that we coalesce here often, to share chronicles of captivating experiences and to celebrate our successes. ("Coalesce" was a bit of a stretch just then, perhaps...) In the meantime, I leave you with a new Camp + Quarry soundtrack to consider. Thanks for joining me in this evolving endeavour!

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1. foam hands destroyer
2. ada the national
3. hand me down your love hot chip
4. after the gold rush neil young
5. river guard smog
6. (i can't get no) satisfaction cat power
7. play a slow jam javelin
8. love king the-dream
9. ritual union little dragon
10. stay free black mountain


  1. Beautiful! I love the name and definitely see how the it's connected to your work and aesthetic.

  2. Great name and I'm loving the soundtrack. I'm especially into River Guard, maybe a little less into Love King!

  3. I like the name change! I'm looking forward to your blog in 2012

  4. Enjoying the name change and excited to see more - and make an etsy purchase sometime soon! Wishing you all the best.

  5. Caiti: Thank you so much!

    Calicarpa: Thanks, Jax. You love The-Dream. Don't deny it!

    Katie: Thank you, Katie! Happy New Year!

    Rachel: Thank you! I always appreciate your comments so much. Lots of new stuff coming to the Etsy shop soon, too. Just have to have some time to take some daylight photos in this northern climate!


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