getting back into the swing of things

It's been nearly two weeks since the holidays ended and I still don't feel like I'm back on track! Perhaps it's just all of the changes around here that have overwhelmed me a bit, but getting organized and motivated after all of the Christmas madness has been a challenge. As I mentioned before (and as you might have seen if you follow me on Twitter or Intagram) I've brought a lot of amazing new stones home with me from Alberta and I absolutely can't wait to start working on new Camp + Quarry designs for the spring. But, it's still winter (though I've seen the first signs of spring bulbs this week) and dark and I keep spending my evenings hanging out on the couch watching Breaking Bad or just reading for hours.

I do have my studio space somewhat prepped and ready to go though. A new awesome lamp (an OttLite) lets me take decent photos in the evening, without having to make or use a DIY lightbox (with a little extra help from Photoshop, of course...shhhh). And refined black curb chain is my true muse these days; I want to use it in every piece I make. You can see it in play in these new raw stone quarry necklaces, now available in the CQ shop. That jumbo piece of black tourmaline is the only one of its kind. Black tourmaline is my favourite stone right now, and this is the chunkiest piece I've come across yet. I love the way the crystals form in planes, giving the stones a naturally faceted texture. Raw rose quartz, amethyst, prehnite, and citrine stones on long black gunmetal chains are also available.

Finally, thank you all for your patience while I iron out the details of this big change. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback about Camp + Quarry and I am 100% convinced it was the exact right move and that it is the exact right name, too. I'll be back on Friday to share some of my current favourites, and next week there will be a giveaway here on the blog that I am very excited about. You're going to love it!

What have you been working on lately? Or are you taking it easy, enjoying some post-holiday down time?


  1. It took me forever that camp&quarry was you on instagram, i'm well behind on my blog reading. Love the new name! x

  2. I love the new name! Wishing you the very best of luck on this next chapter of your business :)

  3. Love the new pieces, that black chain is awesome!

    I'm curious about this lamp, which one is it? My DIY lightbox gives me pretty hit & miss results.

  4. oh my gosh, sarah, that black tourmaline is gorgeous! and the black chain - it's perfect.

  5. Hi, I need this in my life! Loving the name change and these pieces are absolutely perfect.

    Now to save some pennies!


  6. Dianne: Ah, too bad! I've been trying to avoid that kinda confusion, but you've got my whereabouts figured out now. :)

    Mandi: Thanks! It's fun to work under a new (and more fitting) name.

    Stina: Tweeted you! Simple desktop OttLight. White paper. Photoshop.

    Danielle: Thanks! Its pretty, um, weighty! Well, really, it's kinda giant and awesome.

    Fi: Thank you! So glad to hear you like the new name and necklaces!


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