five friday favourites

A few awesome things to share with you today: some new Etsy favourites (and beyond) and an M.I.A. video that my friends Jacqui and Blair introduced me to. It's a good Friday kinda song.

Translucent porcelain cups by stepanka on Etsy seem like the perfect tea cup to me. These blue quartz Astrid earrings from Katie Diamond Jewelry are blowing my mind (I love the studs, too). The new Yokoo-related Etsy store "Mother" is rad. The Travail Apron is perfect, as are many of the other creations. Check Mother out if you haven't already (discovered via For Me, For You). And finally, I've been working on a knitting project using Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter yarn. It's my first lace piece and I'm down to just needing to graft and block...both of which I have little to no experience with and so I've been putting it off. I love checking out the Brooklyn Tweed blog for knitting inspiration. And their made in the USA yarn is beautiful in person.

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