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Ahh! The glories of leftovers! After Jeff had a particularly long day at school and I had a very long site visit/meeting in Richmond today neither of us really felt like cooking or waiting for something we did manage to pull together to be ready, so contrary to our original plans we broke out the leftover curry bowl from last night and whipped up some quick chapatis and, there you go, almost-instant dinner! Nothing like curry when the rain is just starting outside and you've had a very long day. Of course, yesterday's recipe makes enough curry that we'll get to have this experience lots of times in the near future! Thanks yesterday us for making such a wonderful dinner!

Here's a .pdf of the minestrone recipe that we had intended to make. It is also from Whitewater Cooks and I'm sure that it'll be on the top of our list next week. I hope you've enjoyed these recipes and photos and maybe some day we'll post another week's worth of food. I guess documenting this has made me realize that our choices have to be flexible. They need to be able to turn into leftovers, put off for a day or two or modified if we run out of something. Certainly the cookbooks that I've mentioned over the course of these posts allow such easy modifications and the recipes aren't too time consuming. Check them out at your local library or try some of the recipes I've posted. I'm sure you'll enjoy them!


chapati times

Thurday's dinner

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