guilty pleasure: the secret of nimh

Blair's pick this week for Guilty Pleasure Movie Club, and it was a good one. Very well-timed, considering we are all mad busy with school and work these days. Also some semblance of an actual Canadian winter showed up in Vancouver this weekend, making a nostalgic animated pick the perfect choice. There is really nothing like watching a movie you watched a lot as a child in a cozy room with friends, sitting in a leather chair that you've just discovered RECLINES! Yes! I had actually never seen this movie before, probably because I was a very sensitive child and wouldn't watch anything that looked even remotely scary if I could avoid it. Unless, of course, I was accidentally lulled into believing something wouldn't be scary at first, only to discover that it is terrifying and would be the subsequent source of nightmares for months to come (I'm thinking of you Wizard of Oz!). Anyway, I digress. The Secret of NIMH is a good one. You probably remember watching it when you were a kid, but if you haven't seen it I can say honestly it's a movie worth watching. The animation is old school, which I prefer, and a bit psychedelic here and there, and there's a crow that likes "sparkleys" and an (a?) heroic rat named Justin that Amanda (Guilty Pleasure Movie Club hostess extraordinaire) had a crush on. I can see why. Next week, Ryan's pick and a big tv. I can't wait. I'd like to see Ryan do better than Rollerball, and, yes, that is a challenge!


  1. That is a great movie. The story about your friend having a crush on rat reminds me of the love interest of Aaron as a child, the lady fox from Disney's Robin Hood cartoon. Quite the vixen she was *nudge nudge*

  2. How did you see this movie without me? I remember that Aaron liked that lady fox. I find it very cute when people have crushes on cartoons. It's all about charisma, I guess!


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