let's go for a walk...

The nice thing about the big school project that I'm working on right now is that it's all about walking, which means I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't get out on walks regularly to break up my writing and researching. Though I've mostly been spending my hours in a pile of papers and books on the couch while Jeff packs the house up around me, I have been trying to go outside and enjoy these nice winter days, too. And, of course, my dog Lola wouldn't have it any other way. This is a photo I took while on a research mission the other day. Those are snowberry bushes in the foreground, probably my favourite Vancouver winter plant. 

Oh, and Jeff found Vancouver's real candy cane lane: the Trinity Street Light Festival in East Van. We passed it tonight and it was pretty impressive. I think there was a clear winner with a lot of amazing runners up. Go check it out if you have a chance! It would be a great place for a night time walk, and since night starts at about 3:30pm these days, you have lots of time before or after dinner to get over there.


  1. i love walking an wish i could sell my car and walk everywhere i needed to go (but that would be pretty difficult since i live 20 miles outside of the city on a farm). your polaroid is beautiful, and i think that if you ever find yourself with loads of extra time, you should start an etsy shop selling prints of your photography!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Danielle. I can't wait to have more time!


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