granville island after dark

Living in Vancouver, where it rarely snows, I find myself seeking out holiday spirit in other forms: namely baked goods, perhaps a little retail therapy, and lawn decorations and Christmas lights! In our recent travels around the city Jeff and I have encountered a gingerbread house someone skillfully constructed on their front lawn, a motorcycle-riding Santa perched atop a garden archway in East Van, and, of course, every day we look at the traffic circle down the street that's been decorated with every manner of white hula hoop, plastic snowflake, and crystal globe. (A holiday-minded neighbour makes sure that traffic circle gleefully expresses whatever special day might be coming up on the calendar.) The traffic circle looks great. In fact, a news team even shot a segment there and I can heartily recommend that they return at any time of the year to see what expressive use that traffic circle will be put to in the future. 

To my mind, the best place to find Christmas spirit in Vancouver is Granville Island...at night. It is beautiful and inhabited almost entirely by people wandering home from Christmas parties. You have great views of the city, False Creek, and the bridges, but you also get to see things like cement mixers all gussied up for Santa. A few of my favourite shots of Granville Island at night are included in this post. If you have the chance, you really should go. (Of course, if you go during the day you could probably get most of your shopping and baked goods eating done, too.) Where are the holidays best expressed in your city? Do you decorate your lawn, balcony or local traffic circle?

Finally, I'd just like to extend a quick welcome to everyone visiting from Lune Vintage. Happy holidays, everyone! Now back to that paper...


  1. hello from lune! a fellow sponsor here :)
    i love your designs for jewelry. and everything about your blog!

  2. hello! i'm a pretty recent follower. i love your jewelry designs very much. and your blog is a really great read!

    i love how you are seeking other ways to fill in the holiday spirit if not from snow. how great to see Santa on a motorcycle!

    this year i am low on Christmas spirit for some reason to the point i have no desire to even put up a tree or listen to songs! which is weird for me. i have actually been trying to seek my own ways of making it special too. one way i'm doing it is trying to cook more hot home meals for me & my husband. warm comfort foods, for me, always bring in the warmth of the holidays! another is handmaking all my presents this year...these 2 things seem to be working :)

    love this post..and your photos of Vancouver and Granville Island are beautiful with the lights like that!

  3. btw, loving the sufjan stevens songs you posted up! ultimate motivation to start working on something. thanks!!

  4. Katie: Thanks for stopping by! The Lune sponsorship contest was such an awesome thing to win! Loved your feature, too.

    Wichser: Yay! Thanks for stopping by. I remember your work from the feature on 3 for the rd., too. I really like your jewelry! I'm so glad that you're loving that sufjan song. It's my favourite right now, for sure!


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