animal collection II

I have a dog, but at one point I had a cat, too. Her name was Sadie and she died suddenly a little over a year ago after we'd had her in our lives for just eight years. I miss having her around, but Jeff and I haven't rushed out to get another cat because we are so busy with school and also because we're pretty sure we can never replace Sadie. More on her crazy personality some other time perhaps...

I was given a few animal-related gifts this Christmas, which made me very happy. I've also found some pretty awesome animal objects on Etsy lately, so I'm going to share those here, too. Above is a picture of the little bush baby (?) miniature my good friend Asrai gave me. These little figures used to come with Red Rose tea. Being from the Maritimes (where Red Rose tea is the only tea one drinks), my mom has a pretty impressive collection of these little guys. Perhaps this one marks the beginning of my own collection.

Jeff gave me this amazing necklace, made by Beetle & Flor from Brooklyn. It's the lower left mandible of a skunk jaw, and, yup, it has gold teeth. I honestly don't know how Jeff came to find this necklace. It is everything I love: natural history, gold, porcelain, and wearable. Amazing. I used to love teaching kids about all the animals skulls and bones that we had at the migratory bird sanctuary I used to work at. I would definitely have worn this every day to work if I'd had it then! Below is another porcelain favourite. These two bears hugging are made by KG & AB. I really love the clean materials and little details of all of their pieces. The figures under glass are my favourites, but I also covet the little porcelain forest animals.

bears in love under glass
letterpress whiskers poster
Finally, I found this whisker print in the Sycamore Street Press shop. Their posters are really fun and super affordable, and their letterpress cards are equally awesome. I think this one might be my favourite, but I'm having a hard time choosing just one! What are your favourite animal objects? If you want to see more of my favourites check out my first animal collection post.

Incidentally, here's a picture of Jeff and I and our dog Lola taken on New Year's Day. We went on a beautiful walk with our pals Jacqui and Blair and saw an amazing sunset with views over the entire city. Hope you have a greet weekend!


  1. oh wow. i love all these things you shared today. that necklace is amazing. and those bears in the glass...i saw something like this on an etsy page once. it makes my heart smile really!

    you're right, Lola sorta resembles our Uno! she's so beautiful!

  2. i wish i could have a dog! she looks so sweet.

  3. ok.....cuuuuuuuttttteeeeesssstttttt post ever. not only does it remind of you, it reminds of why i love{d} you so much!
    these sweet little things make home, home.

  4. Wchser: Yay for black and white dogs! Our cat was black and white, too. Glad you liked my picks.

    Kittenrocket: She's a handful. Part border collie, part staffordshire bull terrier. She has such a hilarious personality! I love her.

    Amanda! Thanks so much for you comment. It's been a while and it took me a minute to figure out this was your comment. We definitely had Good Times in Calgary. You never know, maybe we'll end up in the same city again some day. Love your dog pics, too. :)

  5. your dog is so pretty! i really think all dogs are pretty, except the foo foos breeds. as hard as i try, i just can't make myself like the tiny dogs. anyway, i digress.

    i'm so sorry about sadie. i can understand not rushing to get another cat in your life, because that's the way i feel about my cheesecake dog. i know one day i'll have another lab, but when you love an animal so much, you knw there's no replacing them.

  6. Aww, thanks, Danielle. When my mom told my grandma that I was not having a good time of things when my cat died my grandma said, "A cat can mean an awful lot to a person." She is so right. She's a total animal lover, too, and I was so happy to hear that she empathized with my loss.

    As for dogs, I love them all too. Even the little ones! I can't imagine losing Lola, she is so special to Jeff and I and such an important part of our family. I hope you find just the right dog in the future!


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