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Over the next few days I'm hoping to share some photos with you of my new apartment. The reason for this? Well, for one thing, there's predicted to be sun in Vancouver, which will hopefully make for nicer photos. Also, we're finally starting to get things straightened out around here, so even though there are still some things that need to find homes and one special picture that needs to be framed, our new place is starting to feel like a home.

So, here's a couple of photos from my new office space. Above you see some of my favourite things, including the view from my window to our fire escape. The mug is not beautiful to look at, but it's for the Calgary Eyeopener, which I guess is the number one thing that I miss about waking up in Calgary every morning. The host, Jim Brown, is just so much better than the CBC Radio 1 Vancouver host. Incidentally, I heard that This American Life is joining the Radio 1 schedule, and I'm super excited. The lamp doesn't look like anything special, either, but it has a built-in magnifying glass and is super helpful when I'm making jewelry. Other things that I keep close at hand: pens and pencils, a sketchbook, some key books and magazines that are helping me right now and that little red tin of Vaseline. It's the best lip balm I've ever gotten my hands on, but it isn't sold in Canada. Whenever someone goes to Europe it's the only thing I ask them to bring back for me (thanks, Mom!).

The table practically deserves a post of its own. It's something we inherited from very good friends of ours when we moved into their old house. It's been painted but the paint is peeling off here and there, making it this amazing piece of art. I hope to someday put a sheet of glass on the top of it to preserve some of its character, even though I prefer the wood surface. It's been the best work table over the years.

And a little close up of a photograph that I got a million years ago at the Edmonton Antique Mall, my rock, sea glass, and chestnut collection, and my favourite houseplant: a rat tail cactus that I bought for $5 at a houseplant sale at UBC. This space looks pretty organized right now...but you should see my studio desk! As soon as I start working it starts looking like some sort of garbage dump. In other words, when things look clean, it's probably because I've been procrastinating! What do you need around you to work well?


  1. congrats on the new space and on the sunshine!!!
    great photos - my dad had a copy of the S,M,L,XL book it was cool to see that on your desk!

  2. Wow, I love your aesthetic! I agree, it really helps to work with lovely and interesting things surrounding you.

  3. thanks for the follow....i love your blog too & am following you now too..


  4. Love your work space. Very cozy! Enjoy your new apartment.

  5. Very cool work space! Love the table and the lovely radiator next to it. So nice that you get to sit in front of a window while you work, too! :)

  6. I love your workspace...so nice!

  7. Mymini: Your dad has good taste in design books! It's awesome that you recognized S,M,L,XL!

    TheFrog: I have to have inspiring things around (and plants) or I can't sit still.

    Katie: Welcome!

    Tiedup: Thanks! It's super cozy when the heat is working (which it is today, yay!).

    Amanda: The bronze coloured radiators are pretty sweet. I especially like it when they generate heat. Also love my fire escape view. :)

    Sarah: Thank you!


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