the suburbs

bridge over the Fraser River
Here it is, the real first day of this final semester of school! I can't take much time out of my work schedule, but I wanted to share another photo from a site visit that I did not too long ago and a little colour study of the Fraser River that I composed from the photos I took that day. Also, a video and song all about the suburbs. I haven't really listened to this Arcarde Fire album at all. I liked their first record a lot and liked the second one less. Perhaps this third one is destined to become the soundtrack to my thesis project? You never know. It is relevant and kind of catchy so far. Hope you are having a great day! If you have a chance, check out this awesome New Year's Resolution post over at Dinosaur Toes.

colours of the Fraser River, winter 2010

Did you grow up in the suburbs or do you live there now? I lived in the suburbs of Calgary for a while and it was isolated but very green. We did things like ride the entire loop of a bus's route or make up synchronized swinging routines for fun. How about you?

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