snow day

We had snow in Vancouver today! Most of it fell overnight, actually. Lola and I went out on a walk around 10pm and she was so happy to be playing in snow and was eating giant mouthfuls of it all the way to the library. I took these photos at school today. The top is the arbutus tree close to my studio. Ignoring the gross parking lot in the background I thought it was kind of awesome how the tree had kept so much of the snow off the ground beneath it, creating this strange grassy shadow effect. By mid-afternoon the snow had almost all melted and every sidewalk transformed into a system of lakes and fjords nearly impossible to traverse without getting soaked. Still, the snow made things look good for a while and it was a nice treat in a city where it usually rains all winter long.

It's so green here year round. I think what I really like about the photos I took in Alberta this winter was the fact that it was just a pure white and grey world, like this photograph called February Blues from Jennifer Squires Ross's Etsy shop. I love photos that are almost monochromatic but have just a hint of detail. They're something so dreamy about them. Do you have snow where you are?
P.S. I will be putting some new stuff in the Sadie shop soon. Looking forward to sharing it here!


  1. your pictures are really great!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. Christine: Thank you. I always love finding awesome new blogs.


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