the other half

I don't want to imply that our apartment is bigger than it really is with these photos. The bedroom and office (and bike storage area) are all basically the same room in our new apartment. Maybe it's a good thing that I fall asleep in the same room as my desk--I know I dreamt about school last night!

Taking these photos I realized how lucky Jeff and I are to be surrounded by things that have meaningful stories attached to them or that remind us of our good friends and our families. Now let's just get to the photos!

Above: Doesn't Lola look happy on her doubled-up super comfy bed? In the first photo you can see one of the cabinets that holds a murphy bed. Our apartment building used to be a nun dormitory and so has places for two murphy beds that would have been used in the early 1900s. Now we just use it for storage and I love these built-in units. Middle: My sister and I at the beach in Nova Scotia quite a few years ago. My grandmothers orange "Kitty"...it actually looks worse now, but I still think it might be the cutest cat ever! Amethyst slab and earthy geode from Calgary this winter. Below: A little antique photo from Commercial Drive in Vancouver and two "doogies" that my sister sent me. Not sure why we called them that, but we did, and we loved them.

Above: A jewelry tray from Nova Scotia last May. I think I have to go back sooner, rather than later. I was so happy living in my sister's attic and going thrifting every day. It might have been the spring weather, the feeling that I'd returned home, or the fact that school was finally over for a while...whatever it was, it was an amazing visit/vacation and I want to go again! Right now! Middle: The Olympus manual SLR from the '70s that my step dad let me "borrow" this winter. Ten Years Together LP. I like this one because Jeff and I are approaching ten years together, so having this on display seems fitting. Below: My favourite painting by my friend Grady, named "Farmer Pissing While Turkey Explodes" in a night of pure awesomeness. Truly one of the best gifts I have ever been given. Also a view into the drop-down secretary desk that is above the murphy bed. My favourite Swedish soap (Talba) keeps it smelling woodsy in there!

Above: A close-up of two of the plates in my collection. I love the multi-coloured ones the most, especially if they're for a particular city or National Park. Not sure how many I have these days, but if you see one...you know where to send it! Middle: What Jeff and I are reading. Lords & Lemurs is his, Under the Banner of Heaven is mine. We are big fans of the public library AND Powell's Books in Portland. Below: Finally, a beautiful Nova Scotia tartan wool blanket that my mom gave me...and we need it! These old buildings are pretty drafty!

One more thing! This is an amazingly awesome project that I'm going to try to be a part of this year! Check out Swap With Me, especially if you're a photography lover!

Hope that you have a lovely Sunday! New Cave Explorers will be arriving in the Sadie shop soon. Oh, and now you can follow me on Twitter, too.


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  2. I love the way you decorated your new place. You have pretty bric brac all over the place.

    I can't believe it used to be a nun dormitory.. I'm on the border and don't know if that's creepy or awesome.

  3. Love all the vintage pieces of Canada in your place!

  4. SisterBatik: Love the bright colours in your work. Thanks for stopping by!

    Grace: I agree. Creepy, maybe a bit, an awesome story, definitely. Still, weird things happen here now and then and we're not sure what to think of it yet.

    RJ: Thanks. Our bedding is full-on Canadiana! A quilt made by my mother, a Hudson's Bay Blanket, and that beautiful Nova Scotia Tartan.

  5. Hey :) Im so glad you found my blog because im absolutely in love with yours :) I love the way you decorated your home!x

  6. I love your space! I have a hudson Bay Blanket too. I treasure it because it was passed down to me when my nana died. Thanks for stopping by my blog! : )

  7. I love it Sarah! I love having thick blankets to through on the bed-so comfortable!


  8. Great place! Lola is super cute. And of course, you deserve a high five for the Cabbage Patch Doll figurines!! ^.^

  9. It's great what you've done with this space. I love the way you made it your own!

  10. Sarah, you have such an amazing brain! I love your blogs and your style. So full of love and memories. It's extra special, just like you! I can't wait to come visit your pad. We missed you at Guilty Pleasure!

  11. Nadiine: Thank you! It's definitely starting to fee like home.

    Felicity: My Bay blanket is one of the nicest gifts my mom has ever given me. Jeff and I coveted them for so long, we love it and have it on the bed year round.

    Grace: Wool blankets are a must in Vancouver during the winter I think!

    Aquariann: Lola's pretty much the cutest dog ever. And awesome that you recognized the "doogies" for what they really are!

    C.N.: Thank you!

    Jacqui: Aww. It's weird how everyone thinks I have a super good memory. Can you tell Jeff? He's always arguing with me about reality. I missed you guys tonight, too. We'll have you over soon. Alas, I was scaling CAD drawings and the like. Rest assured, I was not having fun without you!

  12. what a wonderful tour...your new place is definitely looking like home! it's so true what they say a house (or apartment) isn't home until it's a reflection of you! ENJOY!!!

  13. sarah, i love seeing your pictures, but now i want to see more! i love your style. how neat that your apartment has a history!

    i keep trying to get chris to build me a wall of built-in shelving in the living room since it's sort of bare, and because i have so many things (like my old camera collection, and pretty stones) that i want to set out! your stones are VERY pretty!

  14. wow i love all the details coming together in your place. warm and cozy and lots of sentimental objects. perfect. lola is awesome on her bed. and is that cabbage patch i see?! brownie points in my book :)

  15. mymini: Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I'm feeling really comfortable here now that we have most of our space set up.

    danielle: I totally have my camera collection in one of the cupboards in that built-in. The best thing ever is that Jeff found a bong in it way at the back. More pics of the rest to come!

    Wichser: Awesome points to you for recognizing the cabbage patch dolls, too. Lola loves that bed now that we folded it in half. She was not a fan before. :)

  16. Your cabbage patch dolls are AWESOME!

  17. Thanks, Carla. My sister would be so happy to know how much everyone loves those things. They were a gift from her. We had tonnes of them when we were kids.

  18. Really love the new apartment--the bed is cute! looking forward to seeing more :)

  19. Thanks, Jillian! We love it, too!


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